UTAR R&D Colloquium 2017 (2.0)

UTAR R&D Colloquium serves as a platform for all researchers to present and share their work among the thirty (30) Research Centers (RC) in UTAR.

We proudly present to you again, UTAR R&D Colloquium 2017 (2.0) which will be held on 2 December 2017 at UTAR Sungai Long Campus!

The main theme for the UTAR R&D Colloquium 2017 (2.0) is "Our Future: From Digitalisation of Education to Sustainable Cities" with 3 sub-themes as below:

Theme A- Sustainability: Indexes & Measurements
Theme B- Energy & Fuel for Green City
Theme C- Computing/AR & VR for Future Education

RC Representatives, academic staff, postgraduate students, and industry participants are welcome to attend!

Closing for Registration: 27 November 2017 (No registration fees needed!)

REGISTER NOW at www.utar.edu.my/colloquium!


  1. UTAR transportation will be arranged from Kampar Campus to Sg Long Campus. Details of the pickup time and venue will be advised later. Please indicate in your online registration if you require transportation.

  2. Refreshments will be provided. Please indicate if you require vegetarian meal.

For more information, kindly visit www.utar.edu.my/colloquium

Contact Person:
Ms Banu (banu@utar.edu.my) Tel: 03-9086 0288 ext: 848
Ms Angi (angilim@utar.edu.my) Tel: 05-468 8888 ext: 2552
Ms Wong (wongch@utar.edu.my) Tel: 05-468 8888 ext: 2552

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