VCF DEC 2021 - JAN 2022

Dear Student

UTAR's Department of Alumni Relations and Placement (DARP) is organising the UTAR Virtual Career Fair (VCF) from 1 December 2021- 31 January 2022, detail as follows and you could click to the below link or scan the QR code of the attached poster for the Fair:

Thereafter, please fill up the google form, click to the VCF link and then click to the E-Counter for companies' details and job vacancies information.

Also, there will be "Employer E-Meet Session" from some of the participating companies of this VCF. We hereby furnish you the Microsoft Team link and attached posters for each session of Jan 2022 listing :

Session 6: (2pm, 17/01/2022)

Session 7: (10am, 19/01/2022)

Session 8: 2pm, 19/01/2022)

Session 9: (10am, 20/01/2022)

Session 10: (2pm, 20/01/2022)

Session 11: (2pm, 21/01/2022)

Session 12: (10am, 25/01/2022)

Session 13: (2pm, 28/01/2022)

For those who would like to register for the session, please fill up the following Google Registration Form:

For company who would like to participate to the VCF, please fill up the following Google Registration Form:


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